Cloud Files for Issues & Projects

    In addition to uploading cloud files to S3 for your issues, you can also store files directly assocaited with your JIRA projects, making it easy to share files on a project level.

    Organize your files into folders

    Are your issues cluttered with too many files?
    Easily organize your Cloud Files into folders & subfolders to keep things organized.

    Bring your own Amazon S3 Bucket

    You provide your own S3 Bucket and own it. Want to stop using our plugin or JIRA? No problem, your files are save, and automatically retained in your bucket.

    Bucket Per Project

    Share a global S3 bucket for all projects, or define separate S3 buckets for each project, or disable Cloudfiles entirely for individual projects.

    Service Desk Integration

    Service Desk integration allow your Service Desk Customers to upload and download files from each Service Desk ticket.

    Upload files beyond JIRA

    You can upload files directly to your S3 bucket from outside of JIRA.
    Place them in the correct folders, and Simple Cloudfiles automatically picks them up for each issue or project.


    • Issue Level Files

      Files can be stored per issue, and support folders for added organization

    • Project Level Files

      Store files on a project level for easy sharing.

    • Simple Configuration

      Setup an S3 bucket, plug in your credentials, and you're ready to go.

    • Global Bucket

      Share a single bucket across all projects.

    • Settings & Buckets Per Project

      Configure individual projects with their own bucket, or disable cloudfiles entirely for individual projects.

    • Service Desk Integration

      Allow your Service Desk customers to upload & download files from S3.


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