General Questions

    For two main reasons:
    1) You want/need more than the 25GB of storage Atlassian provides
    2) You want better control over where your files are stored, and what happens to them.

    JIRA Cloud comes with a 25GB storage limit for your account, which is shared between JIRA and Bamboo Cloud instances, and no way to increase this limit. While Bamboo Cloud instance have the ability to store build artifacts in Amazon S3 Buckets, JIRA itself has no such functionality.

    With this plugin, you not only gain unlimited storage, but also all the other features S3 provides. Like integration with other AWS services, or the ability to share a bucket with Bamboo.
    All files you upload through the Simple Cloud Files plugin will be stored in the S3 Bucket you've configured. Each JIRA Project will have it's own folder based on the project key.
    Within each project folder, you will find one folder called "projectFiles", which contain all the files directly associated with the project itself.
    Additionally, you will find a folder for each JIRA Issue that has Simple Cloud Files attached to it. The folders are named based on the issue key. (ABC-1, ABC-2, ..etc).
    Absolutely nothing!
    The beauty of using the Simple Cloud Files plugin is that you own the S3 Bucket, and thus the files stay with you, no matter whether you stop using our plugin, or even JIRA itself.
    Since Simple Cloud Files uses Amazon S3, you have virutally unlimited storage. We know of S3 buckets with many terrabytes of storage consumed.
    You simply pay the standard S3 storage rates.

    Amazon also provides a convenient cost calculator.
    Not at all.

    With the Atlassian Marketplace, you can install the add-on from inside of your JIRA server using your browser. You don't have to go to the server command line to copy files or configure XML files or anything like that.
    For more detailed steps, take a look at our documentation
    After you've installed the plugin, your JIRA instance gains 2 new screens.
    1) Your JIRA projects gain a new tab in the left sidebar for "Browse S3 Files".
    This is where your project level files & folders go.

    2) Your JIRA issues gain a new section below the description for "Cloud Files".
    This is where your issue level files & folders go.

    The new sections look like this:
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